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Ohio Intercollegiate Racquetball Program

The Ohio Intercollegiate Racquetball Program is designed to offer young athletes attending Ohio colleges and universities the opportunity to enjoy competitive racquetball while pursuing their advanced education goals.  The program has two parts.  First, an annual series of sanctioned collegiate racquetball events are offered. 

Players are guaranteed a minimum of two matches and earn points for their school team with each match won.  There is no minimum on the size of a team (can be just one person!) to participate.  Individual awards are given to the division winners at each event and team point totals are maintained for the entire year.  At the end of the season, the school with the most points is deemed State Champions by the Ohio Racquetball Association.

The second part of the program is the ORA/Wilson Collegiate Scholarship Award.  This $3,500 (minimum) annual cash scholarship is awarded to one or more player(s) that exemplify the ability to successfully pursue both racquetball and educational goals.  The award is presented each year at the annual ORA Awards Banquet held during the State Singles Championships in March.  Applications are accepted from high school seniors planning to attend college in the Fall through college juniors.  Winners can only receive support for a maximum of four years.

If you would like to be considered by the ORA for the ORA/Wilson Collegiate Scholarship Award please click on the “Scholarship Application” link below and print out the application (return address provided on form).  Follow the instructions and send in by April 15th.

Ohio Intercollegiate Players pictured above: (top to bottom) Kristen Walsh - Women's Intercollegiate National Champion (top picture right), Shane Vanderson-Men's Intercollegiate National Champion (returns serve) and the 2001 National Champion Baldwin-Wallace Racquetball Team - coached by Dr. Tim Miller

ORA/Wilson Collegiate

Scholarship Award

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Congratulations to all of you who have won this prestigeous award, and good luck to all of you who qualify and apply in the future!

from the O.R.A. and Wilson! 

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